“I approached Karen for help in losing weight and managing my chronic health conditions (Hashimotos Thyroditis and Rheumatoid Arthritis). After one month of following her nutritional advice, I have lost 7lbs (approx. 3kg) and my metabolic age has decreased by 8 years! I found Karen’s enthusiasm and positivity infectious and the scientific explanation of what may be happening to my body really motivating in making lifestyle and dietary changes to achieve my goals.”

Ruma, London

“I lost weight (10lbs) and got in control of my sugar cravings. I even modified my alcohol intake which I never believed I would consider doing! I would recommend Karen for weight-loss and wellness.”

Karolina, London

“I have been working with Karen Preece Smith for several months and have found her to be a very professional, empathic and friendly person. She is passionate about the work she does and is keen to motivate others to feel the same. Karen works hard to ensure that she is at the forefront of developments in nutrition and has the ability to translate what can often be bewildering and, seemingly, contrasting information into straightforward and highly practical information and advice. She treats everyone individually, ensuring that the best ‘fit’ is achieved in terms of treatment, supplements (I find it difficult to take tablets, so Karen sourced and recommended drops and powders, where possible) and advice.

“I would recommend Karen to anyone who has an interest in understanding more about themselves and how effective nutrition can be in enabling people to live a full and satisfying life.”

Kevin, Cheltenham

“Karen has provided me with nutritional coaching support since September 2019, since when she has successfully motivated me through significant and beneficial dietary changes. I have been hugely impressed by Karen’s professionalism, clinical knowledge and overwhelming positivity. She is innovative in approach and a highly skilled communicator, able to translate complex information in a manner that I will understand. She is highly motivated and appears genuinely committed in helping me to achieve my goals. A very talented individual with seemingly limitless positivity (much needed in helping to secure sustainable change).”

Rob, Cheltenham